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Southern California Graffiti

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Southern California Graffiti

This community is open to ANYONE, as far as joining goes. However, the pictures that are posted must be of graffiti in the Southern California area. Members are free to post anything else that is graffiti related, this would include art show info/events, graff magazines, writer interviews, graff related music and anything in the news.

As far as the pictures go, ALL S. Cali Graff photos are welcomed.

This is not the place for:
* shit talkin about crews, gangs, the work of other's, etc.
* out of the area pictures
* promoting your own community, UNLESS its related to S. Cali Graff
* naked pics of chicks .. UNLESS its some chick that let some1 draw on their body .. please place those types of pics behind a cut and lable 'not work safe' or whatever.

Please place large pics behind a cut and label.


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